Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Smeargate: Nice to see two points people are finally realising.

Nice to see that it is dawning on people that

1. Gordon Brown is in possession of a demagnetised moral compass. It has been so for years.
2. A fish rots from the head.

This story is fundamentally about that, as has a litany of stories about the damage Labour have been.

This is not just a New Labour problem - it is an Old Labour problem. Brown is a Marxist. He wanted Nationalised Banks*. He wants everyone beholden to the State. He wants everyone to feel the fetid breath of overseers down their necks via CCTV, ID Cards, Internet filtering, phone tapping, email snooping. He removes the 10p tax band and then expects people to go cap in hand to claim tax credits. The list is endless.

People call him "autistic" which really does not fit the bill. It might explain some of his social clumsiness, but not his other behaviours. No, for me the term is "Sociopath".

Gordon is setting himself up for his own Ceau┼čescu Moment. He is almost there. Kevin Maguire will know what that means by now...

* and so State control of who gets a loan and who does not - ergo complete control of the economy.

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Rachel said...

I work with a film company and we've just found some extremely ironic footage of Jack Straw on the cutting room floor. It's currently being edited but I think it would be perfect for your readers. Is there an email address that I can use to send it to you?
Thank you!
Best wishes,