Tuesday, 7 April 2009

MPs in expenses "carousel fraud"

Guido is on a mother lode in his digging up of MP troughing.

He appears to be discovering that MPs have been aquiring buy-to-let properties and renting them out to their staff who they then pay salaries claimed from expenses paid by the taxpayer.

This is almost (but not quite) a form of "carousel" fraud. Ok, not a carousel, lets just call it a plain old gravy train, eh?

I always thought Socialists and Statists lusted to be The National Mill Owner, but this takes it one fraudulent, money-grubbing step further.

Along with the NMO point, I have also been convinced that Socialists hated the "elite" not because they wanted to remove the concept of the "elite" - even though they told that to their "useful idiots" - but because the Socialists themselves wanted to become the elite. They coveted the position and once they get there, they become compulsive ladder-kickers who want a vast lumpen illiteriat kept down and dumb to be patronised at their leisure.

I would not be surprised, as one or two commenters to Guido's post suggest, that the Left are as bad if not worse in this regard. Even if the Tories were equally as bad, the Lefties are more repugnant for all their hypocritical posturing.

If this goes on the main parties will be running out of "clean sheets" to change the constituency beds and so an opportunity for untainted parties to come forward, like the LPUK.


Dick Puddlecote said...

The working class can kiss my arse, I've got the foreman job at last.

Twould be nice if LPUK could make an impression, but the electorate will just trot along to the ballot box to vote in the same again. I think yer average man/woman on the street just enjoy everything being fucked up.

IanPJ said...

I am a suspicious thinker when it comes to politicians.

Buy-to-let. - Mortgages - Icelandic Banks - Credit Crunch - Terror legislation = no investigation.

I have always wondered why they were so very quick to use Terror laws on the Icelandic banks, could it be that MP's have something to hide?

I wonder?

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