Thursday, 30 April 2009

Democracy. Rule of Law

Hat tip, Samizdata.
"Democracy is nowadays a greatly over-hyped blessing, particularly by Americans, who have no pre-democratic history to provide a perspective. It is clearly less important than freedom, the rule of law and constitutional government, which ideally it should entrench, but may well not do so." - Nigel Lawson, former UK finance minister, journalist and more recently, a fine debunker of global warming alarmism.
Nigel points out key beliefs of the LPUK. Rule of Law is more important than Democracy. Democracy's main role is to remove bad governments. It is not very good at providing the good. It is also the least damaging system so far devised to existing Rule of Law, but no guarantor of it.

The threats to Rule of Law will change slightly under the Tories, but it is by no means safe.