Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Seemingly Disgraceful Police Behaviour: But the Left have no right to claim the highground

via Old Holborn, a video in The Guardian does seem to reveal key evidence in the fate of a middle aged chap in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Problem is, some are saying "The Left" have seized on this and appear to be trying to grab the moral high ground, as if they "own" victimhood from Police brutality. I have seen a comment in another place saying they are "with the Left on this one".

Oh for crying out loud. WHY does anyone think this a "LEFT" thing? Our Government and Home Sec are from the Rancid Left and so the Met takes their queue form them. Lefties are at LEAST as Authoritarian as the Right and certainly partisan.

This issue is about Rule of Law, NOT Left-Right. There was absolutely no reason to trip up/push over the chap AFAICT. Tripping someone up in a situation like that - paved floor - is a risk. Not a big one, but a risk nonetheless, especially if the person is not a youth who is likely to be more resilient and have faster reactions (no, that does not mean that young swampies can be thrown to the ground roughly with abandon, even if they have sad-act metal in their faces).

Of course we need to get all the facts, but right now, with what I have seen, the following terms come to my mind:

Cowardly. Unnecessary. Ugly. Disgraceful. Obscene.

On the question of the Police not knowing about any imminent heart condition before throwing someone to the ground unneccessarliy. Sorry, tough titties, Copper. If you were dealing with a CIP (crime in progress) and the perp had a heart attack, then no case to answer if reasonable force is being applied. Here, this is not a case of reasonable force. If this were a yob on the street tripping up a chap, I would want at least manslaughter charges and unless we get more evidence to the contrary, I want to see this happen here to.

I am fed up with the excuse "I diddern meeeeenn iiiiit/know" when people do things that clearly endanger others. Anyone who kicks a person when down - Attempted murder. Anyone who stabs someone except in say, the hand or buttocks - Attempted Murder. Violent attack on a pensioner - Attempted Murder.

The sooner people realise there are consequences for their unprovoked violent or aggressive acts the better. What you see in that Policeman is CREATED by the Left, by the Fabian undermining of social order and common decency. So please, don't give me no "with the Left" on this one...


Old Holborn said...

"I am fed up with the excuse "I diddern meeeeenn iiiiit/know" when people do things that clearly endanger others."

Like children caught by Mum, torturing a cat.

Roger, we're fucked.

Roger Thornhill said...

Or what about a Mum who's kids have been caught torturing other kids?

"Nothing to do with me!"

As Drill Sgt Hartman yelled - I am aiming to unfuck myself and I hope the country too!